Empower your solar business with custom no-code apps

Discover the game-changing potential of Open as App, where you can turn your existing spreadsheets into smart apps with just a few clicks. You can use them on smartphones, tablets and on desktop devices – wherever you are. Embrace the future of app development and power your solar business to new heights of efficiency and growth.

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Boost your solar workflows with Open as App: no-code, maximum results


Enhance field support

Empower your sales team for streamlined operations, quick access to customer data, and improved communication with the back office.


Improved data quality

Capture accurate data, minimize errors, and ensure reliable information for better decision-making and processes.


Increase revenue

Provide tailored solutions to optimize the sales process and maximize revenue potential.


Real-time insights

Stay up-to-date with key metrics, respond promptly to changes, and make informed decisions.


Enhanced data security

Maintain control over app and data access, protect sensitive information, and ensure secure storage and transmission.


Anytime, anywhere access

Access your apps and important information from various devices, enabling flexibility in remote work locations.

Unlock the power of no-code apps

ROI Calculator App

Solar ROI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your solar projects quickly and accurately with our Solar ROI Calculator. Evaluate financial benefits based on key data and make informed investment decisions.

Solar system planner

Solar System Planner

Efficiently design solar systems using our intuitive Solar System Planner. Customize placement, orientation, and performance to optimize solar panel installations for maximum efficiency and energy production.

Financial Analysis App

Financial Analysis App

Make informed business decisions with our comprehensive Financial Analysis Tool. Evaluate the economic viability of solar projects by analyzing costs, savings, payback periods, and profitability metrics.

Lead Dashboard

Lead Dashboard

Streamline your lead management process with our Lead Dashboard. Track progress, manage contacts, and enhance the efficiency of your sales team, empowering you to convert leads into successful solar projects.

Variety of smart apps for the solar industry

User-friendly tools, intelligent analytics, and streamlined processes – discover the potential of Open as App in the solar industry


IRR Calculator

Evaluate the profitability of your solar investments. Determine the internal rate of return (IRR) to make informed financial decisions and maximize the potential of your solar projects.


Time Tracking App

Track the working hours and tasks of your solar industry employees. Efficiently record work hours, monitor project progress, and optimize resource allocation.


Quote Generation App

Generate professional quotes for your solar projects in no time. You can create customized quotes, calculate prices, and present all relevant information in a clear and concise manner.


Inventory Management App

Stay organized with your solar equipment inventory. Manage stock levels, track material consumption, and optimize procurement processes for smooth operations.

How Open as App works



Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to power your app.



Build the app you need, choose the layout and customize to reflect your brand.



Connect the team with your customized apps, ensuring everyone has access to your data.

Watch these Videos

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Create a calculation app

Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to power your app.

Inventory Management App Thumbnail


Create an inventory management App

Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to power your app.

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Create a survey app

Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to power your app.

Trusted by thousands of happy customers


“Open as App has impressed us from the beginning. We can now flexibly use apps internally and in customer projects. This is really new and really feasible. “


Klaus Schmidt
PE Tax Leader

Commerzbank AG

“With Open as App, users can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an app without any programming skills. As a result, we are increasingly using mobile ways of disseminating information. The DIY tool is ‘hands-on digitalization for the user’. “


Michael Schneider
Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations

ARAG Partner Sales

“Digital applications need to be realized quickly for successful cooperation with our partners. Open as App makes it possible. “


André Riemenschneider
Sales Director

McDonald’s Deutschland LLC

“With Open as App we gain a lot of freedom when working with partners. Now we can really use apps to fine-tune projects and quickly adjust all content when things change. The information is mobile and always up to date. That brings flexibility and saves a lot of time. “


McDonald’s Manager

Open as App drives your performance

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