Build a List app with Automated Data Analysis

Boost your productivity

Turn a list in Excel, Google Sheets, or a database instantly into a mobile app. It will automatically be enhanced with data analysis and can be used online and offline. And it will be up to date all the time. You can even use it to update your reports or databases.

This what your list app can do

A list app with Open as App can be a normal list or card list with a detailed dialog, a schedule, or a map. Any list automatically contains a lot of different functionalities, like sorting, grouping, filtering, in-app-calls, and more. If you wish, you can also let app users edit and update the data.


Lists on-the-go

Easily get access to your databases on your mobile or tablet – wherever you are.


Fast & powerful

Even if your formulas are complicated, you will receive updated lists and data transfers immediately.


Visualize data

View your data in a simple and appealing way instead of dealing with complex spreadsheets.

Project Plan App

With the Project Plan App you or your project manager will manage your projects more efficiently. Check the current status of projects, open tasks, responsibilities, timelines, resources and goals – in a smart app instead a spradsheet.

Barcode Scanner App

The Barcode Scanner App gives you a fast and easy overview about sold and purchased products. Just scan the barcode with your camera (phone or tablet) and get access to information about products. Useful for retail stores and manufacturing companies.

List App Features


Connect to databases


Use Online and Offline


Excel logic included


Track & report insights


Create without coding


Use custom diagrams and charts

Start building your list app in just 3 steps


It all start with your data

  • Upload or link your data. An Excel file, Google Sheets or a database is required.
  • When using a data base, you will have to log in via Open as App.
  • After authentication, our platform automatically recognizes and analyzes the structure of your data and reveals all the available logic we found
  • No result? Don´t worry, you might just need to prepare your data before uploading it. Here is how.

Now, you are behind the wheel

  • Next, you’ll see our app suggestion in the mockup. Select the template type that should be applied to your app. If you want a map or a calendar, here you go. Not sure? Stay with the basic list for the moment and go ahead. You can always come back.
  • In the edit window, you select and adopt the charts and add new elements, change the design, or find a picture for your app card.
  • Change user rights and allow editing your lists and let your users update your reports or database entries automatically.
  • Your app is all set up and ready to be published.

Publish your app

There are many ways to make your app even better.

  • Add a map if you have geolocation data.
  • Add images via the link
  • Select the automated data analysis
  • Provide data filtered by user
  • Update data records in your spreadsheet or your database via app
  • Get a pivot view for your data in the web client

Ready to try on your own?

Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to create your app.

List App FAQ’s

Yes, you can use the list app both online and offline – so you will have access to your data everywhere you go.

Yes, you can connect Open as App directly into database management systems such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and others.

Open as App takes the logic from your existing spreadsheets. Therefore, you should see the error message even before creating your app. To fix the errors in your calculations before creating your app. Please have a look at our collection of the most common errors in Excel and Google Sheets.

Yes, just have a look at our app catalog to find specific solutions for your industry or department. You can use the apps as a template and adapt it to your specific requirements.

We offer different plans – according to the number of apps you want to create and the number of people you want to share your app with. We´ll find the perfect plan for you. Have a look at our Pricing Page.

Yes. Embed the calculator app on your website to share your app with all website visitors or customers. Here we explained to you how to embed an app on your website.