Build an easy to use Survey and Data collection App

Boost your productivity

Are you tired of waiting for feedback, report updates, or survey responses? Stop sharing spreadsheets, start using apps. Turn your report or survey spreadsheets into user-friendly apps – and evaluate the responses automatically.

This what your survey app can do

Everyone instantly reports results on the go, provides necessary data or fills in a survey questionnaire in an easy to use the app. There is a lot of ready-made functionality for your apps, such as minimum or maximum input values, dropdown menus, input sliders, and many more.


Smart data collection

Easily collect data on your mobile or tablet – wherever you are.


Fast & powerful

No matter how complicated your formulas are, you will be able to receive updated dashboards immediately.


Evaluate results

After collecting data you are able to access and manage the results and import to your system.

Lead Capture App

With the Lead Capture App, your field sales team is able to collect leads on trade shows or congresses with their mobile phone – by scanning business cards or entering data. The leads can be transferred to your CRM system automatically.

Time Tracking App

Track your project time or the working hours of your employees with the Time Tracking App. You can easily divide the work in categories, so you see how much time you and your team spend in meetings, traveling or in calls.

Equipment Inspection App

Bring the equipment inspection to a new level: With the Equipment Inspection App you can collect and access information about inspection time and dates of your machinery.

Survey App Features


Collect all data in one place


Use Online and Offline


Excel logic included


Track & report insights


Create without coding


Use custom dashboards & tables

Start building your survey app in just 3 steps


It all starts with your data

  • Use any spreadsheet form or spreadsheet questionnaire in Excel or Google Sheets
  • You might need to prepare your data before uploading it.
  • Here is how. Upload your Excel file to the Open as App cloud or link it via OneDrive or Dropbox etc.
  • The same goes for Google Sheets as well Open as App will automatically analyze your data and display them in sheet format.
  • And now, the app creation starts.

Now, you are behind the wheel

Pick Survey App as your app type and start customizing your prototype.

  • Choose all the cells you want to show in your app and check the preview display.
  • All formulas or data formats, like what if, numbers, currencies or dropdowns, are automatically transferred into your app.
  • Move on when you have a first draft.
  • You can always come back later for more changes.

Publish your app

Finally, the App Creator leads you through all the steps to adapt your app.

  • Change columns’ order and sequence of fields.
  • Change the design theme.
  • Add buttons to print or send via E-Mail.

Finally you can publish and share your app with your team and customers. Of course you can always come back to add additional features or make other changes and of course access your data records.

Ready to try on your own?

Connect your spreadsheets, tables or data to create your app.

Survey App FAQ’s

Yes, you can access your dashboard online and offline. Just bear in mind that most recent data may not have been updated if you were not online for a while.

Yes, you can share your app with customers, external stakeholders and of course also with your team. Here you will find more information about user management.

Open as App takes the logic from your existing spreadsheets. Therefore, you should see the error message even before creating your app. To fix the errors in your calculations before creating your app. Please have a look at our collection of the most common errors in Excel and Google Sheets.

Yes, we have an app catalogue with example apps and templates for different industries or departments. You can use those apps as a template and adapt it to your requirements.

We offer different licenses and pricing plans – from a free version to a specific enterprise version. Which plan is the best one for you depends on the number of apps you want to create and how many people you want to share your app with. Have a look at our Pricing Page or contact us, so we can find the perfect plan for you.

Yes. Embed the calculator app on your website to share your app with all website visitors or customers. Here we explained to you how to embed an app on your website.