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With just a few clicks, you can transform existing spreadsheets to smart applications. You can use them on smartphones, tablets and on desktop devices – wherever you are.


Open as App drives business efficiency

Thousands of businesses and users from all over the world already trust in Open as App and benefit from improved workflows through their own custom apps.



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Customize your processes

Efficiency Calculator

Make quick calculations on the efficiency. Adjust the parameters e.g size of the roof or solar panels and you can straight away show your prospects the estimated efficiency.


Automate & achieve goals

Offer Calculator

An offer calculator app enables your sales team to quickly create offers or quotes for their prospects. This gives them more time to focus on their customers and speeds up the sales process.


Empower your team

Configurator app

Production campanies can now make sure that machine or program parameters are always set correctly. You can easily change configurations which are adapted automatically.


Innovate quicker

Material calculator

Easily calculate the amount of material which is needed for production processes with a user friendly calculator. Save cost, resources and never over ordering material again.

Build a quality no-code app for your business


Empower your team

Collaboration becomes more efficient and every team-member can focus on their core strengths.


Customize your processes

The possibilities are endless: Create smart apps according to your individual business needs


Innovate quicker

Digitize your processes without using any IT -resources. Anyone can create an app with just a few clicks!


Save time

Digitize your processes without using any IT -resources. Anyone can create an app with just a few clicks!


Avoid paperwork

Forget about manual documentation and countless folders full of papers. Audits, checklists or lead caputre: Open as App makes it possible in a completely paperless way.


Automate for accuracy

Prevent mistakes by using one source of truth. Changes in your spreadsheet are automatically synchronized for all app users.


Excel logic to app

Open as App recognizes the logic of your Excel file and transforms them into an app. You do not need to rebuild your sheets.


Visibility of business goals

Create dashboards to keep everyone in the loop about your current business successes.


Become a digital pioneer

Gain a competitive advantage by using advanced digital methods and impress your customers and partners with your smart solutions.

Variety of smart apps

User-friendly dashboards, complex calculations, and much more – take a look at all the possibilities you have with Open as App.


Product Calculator App

Save everyone time and collect information in a user-friendly way – with what-if-drill and automated data evaluation.


Lead Capture App

Capture your leads during events easily in this app. All leads will be forwarded to your CRM system within seconds.


Loan Calculator App

Easily calculate, track and get relevant information related to your financial investments – simple loan payment calculator with the amortization details behind the scenes.


Equipment Inspection App

Save money and time by simplifying equipment inspection processes with this easy-to-use app.


Coastal Safety Group – Australia

Keeping beaches safe with a customized app

Tony Blunden and his team enable lifeguards and council workers to evaluate beach safety requirements, determine funding and allocate resources. All based on easy-to-use apps.

“Open as App is really easy to use. We had been working for weeks on our Excel spreadsheet. Turning it into an app was fast. We had our first functioning app prototype in less than an hour. Then we started refining it and were done.” – Tony Blunden, project manager.

Your company data is 100% protected by us


Open as App conforms with GDPR requirements and has a specially designed security architecture to ensure data protection and high privacy standards.

Trusted by thousands of happy customers


“Open as App has impressed us from the beginning. We can now flexibly use apps internally and in customer projects. This is really new and really feasible. “


Klaus Schmidt
PE Tax Leader

Commerzbank AG

“With Open as App, users can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an app without any programming skills. As a result, we are increasingly using mobile ways of disseminating information. The DIY tool is ‘hands-on digitalization for the user’. “


Michael Schneider
Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations

ARAG Partner Sales

“Digital applications need to be realized quickly for successful cooperation with our partners. Open as App makes it possible. “


André Riemenschneider
Sales Director

McDonald’s Deutschland LLC

“With Open as App we gain a lot of freedom when working with partners. Now we can really use apps to fine-tune projects and quickly adjust all content when things change. The information is mobile and always up to date. That brings flexibility and saves a lot of time. “


McDonald’s Manager