About Open as App

Empowering everyone to create apps without the need to code

Open as App was founded with the idea that digitisation of offline workflows and mobile-friendly access to the information locked up in Excel sheets is a key driver of improved business operations.

We help unlock the benefits of digitisation

What once started as a dream to have our spreadsheets at the tip of our fingers and working on the go has evolved into what is known now as Open as App, a DIY no-code solution that powers sales and operations business processes.

Spreadsheets are essential for many data managers and have been for many years. Creating dynamic calculations with built-in formulas and organizing data wouldn’t be as easy without it.

Often, spreadsheets on desktops and computers are not responsive, slow people down, and hurt their accuracy and efficiency. Usually, they must manually perform repetitive tasks that could be streamlined and automated with the right tools.


These tools you find in Open as App. We realized that the power of spreadsheets lies in their accessibility. Making them available on smart devices through apps will open up a world of possibilities for data managers in various industries.

It’s like having a superpower. Imagine you could take any spreadsheet and turn it into a beautiful, interactive app without writing a single line of code. That’s what Open as App can do. Not just for the tech-savvy out there but for everyone who deals with data.

Through our DIY no-code solution, you create apps that help your business thrive and make you stand out from your competition. Clients have reported a massive increase in productivity, and a significant drop in human errors, saving time and money.

Companies are creating apps automatically using their spreadsheets’ logic for many reasons. Offer and pricing calculators, lead-capturing apps, and list and survey apps are the most popular among them.

Confident for the future

Open as App empowers people to become the hero of their own stories. App creation will be accessible for everyone, making it easy for creators to store and share data safely.

By enabling people to digitize their business processes through apps that don’t require any code, our platform will continue to be the faster and more cost-effective solution.

The team of Open as App is very committed to creating a super user-friendly platform and is working hard to improve the platform every day. With new features added daily, everyone can create an app in three easy steps without coding. The app can be published on the App Store or Google Play or shared privately.

Unlock your genius and create automatic apps that use the logic of your spreadsheets offline, wherever, whenever.