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Open as App Partners

We are happy that we have many of trusted partners we integrate with to support your business innovate and simplify proccess with our no-code platform.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management cloud-based software system, that helps businesses to connect with their customers and to track their activity in order to have a better understanding of their customer base. If you use Salesforce as your CRM system, you can now use Open as App to further enhance your data.

Add your Salesforce data into the Open as App platform to build bespoke apps that can be used for sales reports, sales updates, secure sharing of contact information, and more. All of that, in a matter of minutes, while keeping your data protected.

Salesforce is integrated into Open as App. Choose Salesforce as your data source and login to your system via Open as App. You have now access to all the data in your account and can use it for app creation. You decide who can see and edit your data. 

Are you regularly exporting information for reporting? Automate and protect your evaluation by sharing it as an app. It is easily done and instantly ready to go on all platforms.

Dashboard app Salesforce
Dashboard App

Bespoke apps for Salesforce – instantly available

Salesforce already offers valid standard apps. If they do not provide sufficient features or data Open as App can help you to bring your sales data more effectively and faster to any platform where they might be needed. This way you can share even sensitive information, dashboards, or sales reports that exactly fit your requirements. Your data will not be saved in the Open as App cloud.

Get more out of your data – flexibly and securely 

  • Benefit from bespoke sales reports based on Excel logic – automatically updated
  • Share sensitive information with third parties – with full control of users and data
  • Use your data on any platform – iOS, Android, Web, Web embedded, in Microsoft Teams or in Slack
  • Build list apps, calculation apps, dashboard apps, or survey apps based on your company need