Working together.

Open as App Partners

We are happy that we have many of trusted partners we integrate with to support your business innovate and simplify proccess with our no-code platform.

Connect and write back to any online data source and automatically create apps from your databases or REST Web Services.

If your standard database is not on our list or if you would like to connect an individually programmed database, REST ist the best choice.

It is the world’s most popular machine-to-machine data exchange protocol. Similar to Zapier, with the standard interface REST Web Services you can add much data to Open as App and use them more productively. Your IT admin can provide you with the required weblink and authentification data.

Create apps based on data of standard or legacy systems

Try Web Services with Open as App live

To create an app based on your data, define the tables of your database you will need and who you want to share them with. Then talk to your IT department and get the access data from your IT admin. If REST hasn’t been implemented yet, it can easily be created.

You would like to see first what you can do with Open as App? Some providers offer free Web Services you can use for testing. Select REST as your data source and enter this link in the top field More data are not required in this case. Then just follow the steps in the app wizard to create your app.

Work more productively with your data – instantly

  • Create mobile apps based on any online data source and update automatically
  • Enhance databases apps with evaluation dashboard based on Excel logic
  • Publish instantly and share securely in protected groups or publicly in the Web and via Social Media