Working together.

Open as App Partners

We are happy that we have many of trusted partners we integrate with to support your business innovate and simplify proccess with our no-code platform.

Microsoft Dynamics

Complement Microsoft Dynamics standards and PowerApps with dynamic logic apps – instantly available.

Build bespoke apps based on your Microsoft Dynamics data

Create apps for sales updates with interactive calculations, dynamic management reports with charts. Share your data as apps securely with third parties inside and outside your company or use them interactively in Microsoft Teams during meetings. To create your app, simply select Microsoft Dynamics as your data source and access Microsoft Dynamics with your login. You will see the table structure and can now select your data for app creation.   

Enhance Microsoft Dynamic CRM with evaluation apps – and add the logic of Microsoft Excel to your dashboard app.

Automatic app creation & Microsoft Dynamics

Automatic app creation & Microsoft Dynamics – agility ready to go in an Enterprise environment

You can use Open as App to create and to share professional apps. Our portal offers you functionality for app management in big organizations, such as role-based management, integration into MDM systems, integration with SharePoint or OneDrive, On-Premises Hosting, or the deployment of Open as App with your own branded clients in the corporate design of your company.  

Act agile and make better decisions – with all data ready to go at all times

  • Avoid data exports for data analysis and reports – connect Open as App for evaluation and sharing with user-friendly apps
  • Share data securely with people inside and outside your company
  • Get multi-experience-apps –iOS and Android, web or embedded in your websites, or (as apps or bots) in Microsoft Teams