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Open as App Partners

We are happy that we have many of trusted partners we integrate with to support your business innovate and simplify proccess with our no-code platform.

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Combine the leading system for inbound marketing and sales, HubSpot, with the Open as App platform in order to create bespoke apps and automated data evaluation. Turn your data into apps and share it with your colleagues to help your teams to act faster and more decisively.

HubSpot is a direct data source for Open as App. Simply click on the database section and choose HubSpot as your data source. Our wizard will ask for authentication with your HubSpot account and then you will instantly see the HubSpot table structure. Select the data you need for your app and start the app creation process. It is that easy.

Make HubSpot even better! Add Excel-Logic to your app for fast data analysis and dashboards.

Enterprise Apps with HubSpot integration
Dashboard & List Apps

Act faster and save time with automated app creation 

When the HubSpot standard app is not enough, bespoke apps come in. With Open as App you have the possibility to create lists, calculations, and dashboards apps the minute you need them, all based on your data… and we will keep the connection so that your app is always up to date. However, not only will your app be up-to-date, you can even use it to update existing data records in HubSpot.  Building bespoke apps is not the only useful to take faster decisions, it also allows you to cut down development cost, maintenance costs and helps you to avoid data security problems such as Shadow IT.

Enhance the way you work with HubSpot 

  • Create app reports and enhance them with Excel logic  
  • Keep full control of your data and its users when sharing your data
  • Empower your team with up-to-date information and tools – anywhere and anytime
  • Build dashboard apps, list apps, survey apps based on your data – in no time