Working together.

Open as App Partners

We are happy that we have many of trusted partners we integrate with to support your business innovate and simplify proccess with our no-code platform.

Google Sheets

A spreadsheet needs a lot of explanation. If you want to share complex information in a user-friendly way, an app might be just the thing. Login into your Google Sheets accounts with Open as App, select a sheet and turn it into an app straight away. Formulas, charts, forms, or lists will be automatically recognized.

Authenticate and allow users to update your Google Sheet via your app.

One spreadsheet = a variety of experiences 

With Open as App you can share your data as a user-friendly app that everyone understands instantly. As in Google Sheets, you can only share your app with selected people or publicly with everyone who has the link. Your apps are available as Web apps, fast iOS or Android apps, embedded in any of your websites or in Slack as bots (if you are a little more advanced).

There is so much more you can do with a spreadsheet

  • Empower people in your network or in your team with user-friendly app tools
  • Gain velocity when collecting information 
  • Share information that is always spot on and enriched with data analysis 
  • Enjoy a dashboard for all list information or surveys based on our automated data analysis